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  • Stressed out over leaking pipes?
  • Are drain blockages ruining your day?
  • Did your water heater hit you with an ice-cold surprise?


Whether you’ve got a tiny leak, a major pipe break, or a freezing cold shower, plumbing problems can disrupt your day and cause lots of uncomfortable situations. 

And without the proper repairs, water damage can destroy your home, leaving you stressed out, overwhelmed, and vulnerable to sky-high repair costs.

You Shouldn’t Have To Deal With The Discomfort Caused By Plumbing Problems.


We know what it’s like to deal with the frustrations of unexpected plumbing problems. That’s why Bright Side Plumbing can provide you upfront, flat rate pricing and high-quality repairs so you can experience the comfort you deserve at home.

Master Plumber Quality Service

Bad repair jobs can double your problems and repair costs. That’s why our Master Plumbers will make sure its done right.

Upfront, Flat Rate Pricing

Our pricing is upfront, and one flat rate - so you know exactly how much you’re investing before the project begins.

Options To Fit Your Budget

We offer a variety of repair solutions for each problem so you can pick the right option for your home and budget.

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    Call us or book online and choose an appointment time that works for you.


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    After a thorough on-site assessment of your home, we’ll offer you a variety of repair options so you can make the most educated decision for your home and family.

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    Get peace of mind knowing that your plumbing problems are behind you!

Don’t Settle For Bad Repairs And Low Standards!


Call Bright Side Plumbing and get back to the comfort you deserve.

The Bright Side Difference 


We have 16 years in the plumbing business – led by a 4th generation Master Plumber, so we know a thing or two about how to provide the plumbing repairs you need. Plus, all your repairs are performed or reviewed by a Master Plumber with a passion for high standards, so you know your plumbing will be done right.


On-Time Guarantee

If we don't arrive within your scheduled window, WE PAY YOU $50.  

Lasting Repairs Guarantee

We warranty all parts and labor for a minimum of two years, and up to fifty years depending on the materials and project.

Done Right Or It's Free Guarantee 

All repairs are performed or reviewed by a licensed Master Plumber.  Your plumbing will be done right or we'll return at OUR EXPENSE to make it right.

Upfront, Flat Rate Pricing Guarantee 

We charge by the task, not by the hour. We guarantee you'll know the exact investment amount before any task begins, or the task is FREE.

Respectful Technician Guarantee

If our technicians smoke, swear, or neglect to clean up after themselves, WE PAY YOU $200- and will send a professional cleaning service to clean up.

"Extremely satisfied and will definitely be my go-to plumber!"

Heath Chancey
-Google Review

Overland Park Plumbers & Drain Cleaning Specialists Near You

When you face a plumbing emergency, you need help fast. A backed-up toilet, broken laundry hose, clogged drain, or leaky pipe are more than just an inconvenience, they can increase your water bills.

Overland Park Licensed Plumbing Experts

The Overland Park plumbing experts at Bright Side Plumbing understand that when your plumbing tanks, you want it fixed right away. We tackle every job with speed and efficiency, and the price we quote is always the price you pay. That’s why homeowners in Overland Park and the surrounding Kansas City area trust Bright Side for all their plumbing needs.

We’re proud to conduct our business with a high level of professionalism. That includes upfront, competitive pricing. Rest assured, there are no unpleasant surprises after a Bright Side service call.

Call An Experienced Overland Park Plumber Near You Today

No matter how significant the plumbing problem is, give us a call right now at (913) 963-1029. With live telephone support 24/7/365, we’re always there to schedule an appointment with the best local plumbers Overland Park has to offer.

From Overland Park plumbing repairs and replacements to plumbing installations, our team of licensed plumbers is only a phone call away: (913) 963-1029

Guaranteed Overland Park Plumbing Flat-Rate Pricing

A plumbing problem can be a messy surprise, but it shouldn’t turn into a drain on your wallet. That’s why we offer flat-rate pricing and financing, guaranteed. Our Overland Park plumbing and drain specialists near you work fast to find the root of your plumbing emergency, and the price we quote is always the price you pay.

Understanding the cost of your plumbing repair gives you financial peace of mind while we get the job done. No matter where you live in the Kansas City area, let us take the worry out of your plumbing issues.

Emergency Plumbing Repair in Overland Park Near You

Don’t let a clogged drain ruin your day! Need a sump pump repair or have a broken toilet on your hands? Need water heater repair? Overland Park professional emergency plumbing services are only a phone call away.

Trust Your Overland Park Plumbing Repair to Our Licensed Master Plumbers

Did you know that a tap that drips 60 times a minute wastes 21 liters of water each day? That’s a lot of water going down the drain. Leaky pipes and running toilets can waste even more and quickly send your water bills through the roof. That’s why even the most minor plumbing problem should be fixed as soon as possible by a team of professionals you can trust. 

Reliable Plumbing Service and Installation in Overland Park

At Brightside, we’ve been helping families in the Kansas City area enjoy worry-free plumbing repairs for more than 20 years. Our customers know they can count on us for fast, friendly, knowledgeable service and advice.

Looking for an Overland Park Plumber?

We have nearly three decades in the plumbing business, so we know how to provide the plumbing repairs you need. Below are some of the more common plumbing repairs we service in the Kansas City area.

Water Heater Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Whether you're out of hot water now or want a more efficient hot water system installed, our expert technicians are ready to help with:

Kitchen Repairs, Faucet Repairs & Drain Cleaning

When something goes wrong with your kitchen plumbing, you need it fixed fast. From clogged drains and dripping taps to upgrading fixtures and installing a dishwasher drain line, the Overland Park plumbing experts at Brightside Plumbing will repair your kitchen plumbing issues quickly so you can get back to enjoying the heart of your home. We offer the following kitchen plumbing services:

  • Repair leaky faucets and/or pipes
  • Clear clogged drains
  • Repair or install new shut-off valves on kitchen fixtures
  • Install new water and drain line piping to dishwasher or refrigerators
  • Upgrade plumbing fixtures & faucets
  • Install customer-supplied faucets or sinks 

Bathroom Repairs & Toilet Plumbing

You probably begin and end each day in your bathroom, so when something in there breaks, it can really disrupt your routine. If a dripping tap is keeping you awake at night, or a running toilet is running up your water bill, Brightside will get to the root of the problem and get your bathroom running smoothly again. And if it’s time to upgrade your bathroom fixtures, we can do that too! Brightside Plumbing offers the following Overland Park bathroom plumbing services:

  • Repair or replace broken or leaky faucets
  • Repair or replace showerheads
  • Fix slow flushing or constantly running toilets
  • Remove drain clogs
  • Replace shower valves
  • Unclog blocked toilets
  • Reseal a toilet that may be leaking at the base
  • Repair or install new shut-off valves on bathroom fixtures

Basement & Outdoor Plumbing Problems

You may not think about your basement, laundry room, or garden when you think about Overland Park plumbing. A broken sump-pump, backed-up sewer line or faulty garden faucet can cause significant damage to your home. In an Overland Park plumbing emergency, you can count on Brightside. Our Kansas City area plumbers are only a phone call away and will get the job done right so you can enjoy worry-free plumbing inside and out. We offer the following basement, laundry room, and outdoor plumbing services near you:

  • Repair or replace sump-pumps
  • Replace broken laundry hose
  • Remove blockages in main drain sewer
  • Repair or replace backwater valve
  • Replace water shut-off valve
  • Repair or replace outdoor hose bibs / outdoor faucets

Contact an Experienced Overland Park Plumber Near You

Whether you have a leaky faucet, drain clog, sewer clog, or need a toilet replaced, Brightside Plumbing is your go-to Overland Park plumber. Give us a call today or fill out our form. We will respond quickly so you can have peace of mind in your home.


Plumbing problems can darken your day.

But with Bright Side Plumbing, you can get back to enjoying the comfort of your home.