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Bright Side is a highly-rated residential plumbing service company based in Overland Park, KS, serving the entire Kansas City Metro.

Our mission is to create the industry’s happiest and most skilled plumbers, and we want not just to help them grow but to help them grow better. These plumbers naturally produce the most satisfied clients, and that’s how we’ll build a company future generations will be proud of.

Who we are at the heart of Bright Side:

We do the job right

Doing the job according to the local code is the objective standard by which we complete our work. We don’t expect to memorize the codes completely, but we require the ability to use code books and product instruction manuals to get the job done correctly every time.

We are always growing

Our culture is a humble one that asks questions. There is always new information to learn and skills to gain. We seek resources and others to help us get better. There’s no other way to become the best.

We own our work

We stand by our work as a company and as skilled individuals. If something needs to be made right, we will make it right.

We are winners

Our culture sets the stage for positive attitudes, high expectations, and successful performances. We come together as a company to win, and we root for our team members to succeed in their professional and personal lives.

We have character

Reputation means everything to us, and we do the right thing whether others are watching or not.

We dream big

We realize our potential to achieve life’s biggest goals by becoming the best at what we do.

Hear from our employees:

James, a service plumber at Bright Side Plumbing, and I specialize in drains and water heaters. I chose those specialties because I love helping people in their urgent moments of need.

James Gardner, Service Plumber

“I joined Bright Side to learn and become a master plumber. Thanks to how much care and attention I’ve been given, my knowledge, skill, and income have grown much faster than I imagined.”
a service plumber here at Bright Side Plumbing, and I love all aspects of plumbing. As long as my clients are happy, I’m more than happy to do whatever is needed.

Mario, Service Plumber

It’s-a-me, Mario! I’m a service plumber here at Bright Side Plumbing, and I love all aspects of plumbing.

Your well-being is a priority:

Receive Essential Care

We offer fully paid medical, dental, and life benefits to cover your fundamental health, with on-call doctor services via text and phone for round-the-clock care.


We offer fully paid monthly chiropractic and therapeutic massage care.

Get Fit

We offer fully paid health club memberships to Lifetime Fitness and Genesis Fitness.

Unplug and Revive

We offer generous time off and promote work-life balance.


We offer a matching 401(k) plan.

Perform and Prosper

We highly compensate for high performance.

Current Position Openings Available:

Apprentice Service Plumber

Click here to learn more about becoming a Bright Side Apprentice Service Plumber with a $1,000 sign-on bonus.
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Plumbing Installer

Click here to learn more about becoming a Bright Side Plumbing Installer with a $2,500 sign-on bonus.
More info

Service Plumber

Click here to learn about becoming a Bright Side Service Plumber with a $5,000 sign-on bonus.
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The Bright Side Guarantees

If we don’t arrive within your scheduled window, We will give you $50 off.
At Bright Side Plumbing, we offer an on-time guarantee
Lasting Repairs
We offer plumbing warranties AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR HOME.
At Bright Side Plumbing, we offer an on-time guarantee
Done Right
All repairs are performed or reviewed by a licensed Master Plumber. 
At Bright Side Plumbing, we offer an on-time guarantee
Flat Rate Pricing
We charge by the task, not by the hour. We guarantee you’ll know the exact investment amount before the task begins, or the task is free.
At Bright Side Plumbing, we offer an on-time guarantee
Clean Technician
If our technicians neglect to clean up after themselves, WE PAY YOU $200- or we will send a professional cleaning service to tidy up your entire home.
At Bright Side Plumbing, we offer an on-time guarantee
Plumber logo for Bright Side Plumbing

Plumbing, Sewer & Water Heater Services in Kansas City

Plumbing Repair

Household plumbing repair or replace any piping or valves in your home, including gas.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning or unclogging any fixture, faucet, drain, or sewer in your home.

Water Heaters

Quick repairs, replace or install any water heater system to keep your water hot.

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning is our specialty. Repair or replace your sewer drains to keep them clean.

Fix Leaks

Fix leaks in your house whether it be water, drain pipe or gas leaks permanently.

Sump Pump

We also specialize in pump system installation and replacement to keep you dry.

Bright Side Plumbing is a member of the top three plumbing organizations, so you can confidently choose us.

Every plumber should have a depth of knowledge of plumbing and the many codes it takes for permanent results, but most do not. Is your plumber an active member of a plumbing code association?

Anyone can call themselves a plumber, especially in Kansas City and Missouri, where no license is required to be a service plumber or to offer drain cleaning. That’s why Bright Side Plumbing emphasizes understanding and applying code standards to the work of each plumber.

The plumbing, heating and cooling contractors association.
The International Code Council is the leading global source of model codes and standards and building safety solutions that include product evaluation, accreditation, technology, training, and certification.
The International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials community of plumbing experts plays a vital public health role in assuring access to clean water and sanitation.