Are you looking for Water Heater Installation or Repair?

Getting exactly the right water heater repaired or installed by a Bright Side Plumber will give you peace of mind knowing that your installation is safe, energy-efficient, and guaranteed.

An incorrect water heater installation can be dangerous.

Water heaters aren’t simply “swapped out.” From carbon monoxide poisoning to pressure build-up and gas leaks, bad water heater installation problems can destroy your health and home.

Are you worried about hidden extras?

Most companies and big box stores advertise a low water heater installation cost, but when they arrive at your home, they start compiling a list of add-ons to your bill that you don’t see coming. This situation is called “bait and switch,” and water heaters and drain cleaning are the most common services associated with this sales tactic. They pull you in with a low price, then switch the price once they hook you.

With Bright Side Plumbing, you get a free evaluation with upfront, flat-rate pricing options for your water heater installation. Once you get pricing from us, it won’t change.

Get peace of mind with our lifetime guarantee.

Our water heater installations come standard with a full part and labor warranty for 12 years, but our most popular option comes with our full part and labor warranty for as long as you own your home.

That’s right, the next water heater installation you purchase from Bright Side Plumbing will be the last water heater purchase you’ll ever need to make.

Make sure Bright Side Plumbing carries out your water heater installation.

At Bright Side Plumbing, we do things the right way. We go the extra mile to ensure your water heater installation is the safest, most efficient, and longest-lasting installation a plumber can make.

Unlike other plumbing companies, we encourage you to call your city code inspector to look at our work. We are a part of the same training and plumbing code organizations they are, and they love us. See our membership associations below.

How to get peace of mind:

Give us a call and tell us when to arrive.

Our friendly team is here and ready for you.

Meet with us and describe your concerns.

We will investigate and explain your options with upfront pricing.

Relax and get back to enjoying your home.

You’ll get the highest quality service with a guarantee to back it.

You deserve the right solution from someone that cares.

Triple association members
Work is guaranteed
Simple upfront pricing

Friendly & respectful
Fourth generation family business
A++ rated: Better Business Bureau

We help people just like you every day.

We have over 200 5-Star Reviews on Google from people like you, including many who had problems with their water heaters.

I had the pleasure of using Bright Side Plumbing services recently when my toilet needed fixing. James, the plumber who was assigned to my task, was an absolute star. From start to finish, he demonstrated impressive expertise and professionalism, easily diagnosing and fixing the problem with minimal fuss.His friendly and patient demeanor made the whole process stress-free and smooth, which is something you don't often find in this industry.The excellent service provided by Bright Side Plumbing and the remarkable work ethic of James have left a lasting impression on me. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone facing plumbing issues. Undoubtedly, you'll be met with top-notch service, just as I was. Kudos to James and the entire team at Bright Side Plumbing for providing such a stellar service!
David Moyer
David Moyer
Raksha Rahevar
Raksha Rahevar
I have used Bright Side Plumbing twice by now. James Gardner came out every time provided excellent service with Biget installation, leakage with shower cartridge and i also got water purification system installation done by them. I recommend Bright side Plumbing they are very profession and skilled. Fully satisfied with service :)
Bill Baethke
Bill Baethke
Bright Side did a great job on a drain issue at my business recently with no disruption to business. James was thorough and explained everything very well. And he cleaned up his mess. It may actually be slightly cleaner than when he arrived. I can honestly highly recommend Bright Side based on my experience.
Larry Groce
Larry Groce
James and crew plumbed a main floor closet for a laundry space. They were very knowledgeable and professional. Also, some of the best-looking plumbers EVER!
Cathy Williams
Cathy Williams
We have used Brightside more than once. They are honest and knowledgeable, as well as very professional. I have recommended them to my friends and will continue to.

If your water heater needs replacement, we’ll guide you to make a perfect choice.

While most families love the standard tank water heating system, others listed here are gaining popularity. You can get as efficient and fancy as you like.

  • Tankless Water Heaters

  • Ultra-High Efficiency Tank Water Heaters

  • Hybrid Tankless Water Heaters

  • Heat Pump Water Heaters

What are the risks with water heater installation?

Cheap Components

Cheap water heaters purchased from big box stores or bargain plumbers can be so troublesome that they cost more in the long run due to repairs and failure.  Properly installing a robust water heater in the first place will end up being a less significant investment in the long run due to how efficient they are and how much longer they last.

But even a great water heater can be installed in a problem-causing way. Cheap, flexible pipe supplies increase a plumber’s profit, but they can leak, pinch your water supply, and deteriorate internally. This deterioration can cause debris flakes to enter your plumbing and clog your faucets, valves, and shower heads. 

We always rigidly pipe your water heater for maximum water flow, aesthetics, and longevity.

Extra costs appear later

In addition to the situations described above, a cheap water heater offer almost always involves you finding out later that you need to pay for a whole range of extra items. Typically the more affordable the advertised installation, the more  “surprises” your bargain plumber will discover once the project starts, for which you will be expected to pay. 

That’s why we give you all your options with flat rate pricing before we start. There are no surprises or hidden fees with Bright Side Plumbing.

A bad installation can be dangerous

A cheap installation may be carried out by someone who is not a trained plumber but an “installer.” Since there is no licensing standard in Kansas or Missouri for service plumbers, your installation will not likely comply with the applicable codes and regulations. 

We see it every day. 

There are hundreds of codes to abide by when installing a water heater connected to carbon monoxide exhaust venting, gas piping, electrical, pressurized water, and emergency relief valves and drains. Most plumbers don’t know half of these codes, let alone bargain “installers.” A bad water heater installation of any of these systems can destroy your health and home.

Safety, efficiency, and compliance are why we are members of the codes associations. We know the codes, and you benefit from the codes.

Limited or no guarantee at all

Big box stores or bargain plumbers will offer what appear to be impressive warranties until you read the fine print. For example, a “12 Year Warranty” water heater from Home Depot is actually only 12 years on the tank itself, and the remainder only has a 1-5 year warranty on parts and less on labor. This means that you will be out of warranty for most needed repairs and have to cover the parts and labor yourself.

That’s why Bright Side Plumbing offers a minimum “full parts and labor” warranty for 12 years. Our most popular water heater option even comes with a “full parts and labor” warranty for as long as you own your home. That means that as you have good water quality like most do, no matter what happens to your water heater, we will repair or replace it at no cost.

Only Bright Side Plumbing is a member of the top three plumbing organizations, so you can be confident we are the best water heater installation team.

Your water heater repair and installation should only be done by a professional who knows the codes.

Minimize energy costs and know that your installation is safe and fully compliant.

When you call Brightside Plumbing, you’ll get the best advice from a highly knowledgeable plumber.

Whether it is Edward, James or Kalen that visits you, you can rest assured that we will take the time to install your water heater properly. You can count on us to get the job done right, no matter which type.